“Occasionally, in the monotony of listening to student sermons, an inspired sermon rises and a preacher is revealed. That’s what happened when Jen Hale Christy preached her first sermon in a graduate course I was teaching. To this day, it is the best student sermon I have heard. And every time I’ve heard her since, my initial impressions are confirmed. She’s not a trick-shot artist, trusting in gimmicks or trading on sentiment. She lives in a word with patience and depth until a word lives in her. The vividness of her language and her capacity to tie it to the bone and marrow of life makes it finally a word that lives in us. This is her gift.”

Dr. Mark Love, Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry, Rochester College

“Jen is a gifted storyteller and listener – a rare combination, but one that is necessary for good preaching. She has a keen ability to listen to the biblical text, to the details regarding your audience and event, and to the voice of God at the intersection of those things. After engaging those sources, her skills in storytelling and wordsmithing combine in the creation of a message that is both compelling and convicting. I value each opportunity to hear her speak!”

Dr. Naomi Walters, Associate Professor, Department of Bible and Ministry, Rochester College

“Jen is someone I often refer to in conversation with young women who aspire to pursue careers in ministry. Jen is a natural leader in the church, an excellent speaker, a strong teacher, and is influential and inspiring to others. For as long as I’ve known her, she takes on leadership roles and is highly respected. She relates well to people of all backgrounds and truly displays the love of Christ.”

Lindsey Garner, President and CEO, Communities in Schools of Greater Tarrant County