A Letter To Fear

Lately I’ve been dreaming. I’ve been creating and wondering and listening and planning. And I’ve been rumbling with fear.

I’ve been learning from the great Elizabeth Gilbert about personifying, respecting, and appreciating our fear (in her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear).

Fear has a purpose: to keep us safe. And without it, we would have been extinct a long time ago. But sometimes—most times—we don’t need to let fear sit in the driver’s seat. Unless we are literally running for our lives, fear doesn’t need to call the shots.

And yet–so often, it does.

So I’ve been listening to fear, hearing its specific concerns so that I can test them and determine how to respond.

Here are some truths I’ve been speaking to my fear that perhaps your fear needs to hear too.

I hear that you’re afraid I will be insignificant.

>>I have a contribution of infinite value that only I can make in the world. No one else will, so it’s my responsibility, gift, and joy to bring it.

I hear that you’re afraid I will be unworthy.

>>I am just as worthy of love and belonging as every other person ever created.

I hear that you’re afraid I will not be good enough.

>>When I give my best, it will always be good enough. Full stop.

I hear that you’re afraid of financial instability.

>>I have never been in want, and I’m not starting today.

I hear that you’re afraid I might find myself without a job.

>>With or without a “job,” I have infinite value and a calling to bring my gifts to the world.

May we honor and respect our fear, but never let it drive the car. As Elizabeth says, we don’t even let it touch the stereo.

May we choose action over stagnancy, and courage over fear.

If you were to have a conversation with your fear, what would it say to you? How would you respond? Spoiler alert: we respond to fear on the daily. Like, a lot. Let’s do it more consciously.

I’d love to hear what your conversation sounds like! Lmk in the comments.

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